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Health Checks

Health checks improve and maintain your wellbeing in the short and long term

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Gut Health

The gut is a core component of health and of physical and mental wellbeing

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Low Libido

Low sex drive affects younger and older men. There are many causes other than low testosterone

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Sexual Medicine & Prostate

Sexual difficulties and prostate problems are common, affecting younger and older men

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My Work & My Approach

Men’s Health Physicians address the specific health needs of men. It is a unique and relatively new specialty and moves away from the traditional fragmented approach to delivering healthcare.

As well as managing the specific health problems affecting men, in particular prostate, hormonal (testosterone and other hormones) and sexual problems (low libido, erection difficulties), I also treat men who suffer from fatigue or have gut symptoms (see the section on the Gut microbiome & Gut health). Men who have the specific problems listed above not uncommonly also suffer from fatigue and/or gut symptoms.

I also provide comprehensive health checks and assessments for men. By focusing on preventing disease and enhancing quality of life, my health checks are designed to help men in good health remain so as they age. My health assessments on the other hand help men who already have multiple health problems better manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

About Me

As an Integrative Men’s Health Physician, my primary objective is to deliver the most up- to-date, innovative and effective treatment approaches and disease-prevention strategies to men. My work is driven by both the latest medical research and my 10-year experience in the field of Men’s health.

How I practice

As much as possible I look for and then treat the cause of a health problem rather than just suppress its expression, which we call ‘the symptoms’. The cause is often multifactorial, with biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology and psychology all playing important roles.

I am also passionate about identifying the complex interactions between seemingly unrelated health problems which can affect one individual. This ‘integrative’ approach can lead to significant improvements in health and wellbeing.

Since 2009 I have further enhanced my practice by integrating into my management approach the central role of the gut on a whole range of common conditions and diseases (see the section on the Gut microbiome & Gut health). This is one of the new disciplines at the cutting edge of medicine.



Bachelor of Medicine and Masters of Science


Member of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medficine


Member of the International Society of Men’s Health


Affiliate of Andrology Australia and member of its Education Reference Group

Other Services

Skype & Phone Consultations

You can request a Skype or phone consultation from overseas and within Australia. Please note that Medicare does not provide any rebate for these consultations. Like all other appointments, please book your Skype or phone consultation online by visiting https://drrobking.com.au/booknow or clicking the ‘Book now’ button below.

The payment for these consultations is made securely via PayPal. Once the payment has been processed, click on “Return to Dr Rob King” to book your appointment online.

Enquiries by Email

You can request an eConsultation by using PayPal below. I do not reply to medical enquiries free-of-charge by email. You can ask up to two short questions when using eConsultation.

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Please note that Dr King is on leave until 23 October and will only be able to process your request after his return.

Renewal of Prescriptions and Referrals

To access this service, it is mandatory that you have had a consultation with myself within the last 12 months. This is a medical as well as a legal requirement and there can no longer be any exceptions to this rule. You can check the date of your last appointment by logging onto the booking system, and then clicking ‘My appointments’.

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Please note that Dr King is on leave until 23 October and will only be able to process your request after his return.

Other Requests

Documentation, AUD 45

Search for and issue of archived and other medical documents.

Travel insurance Medical report, AUD 90

When applying for travel insurance and you have declared one or more existing conditions, the insurance company will request a comprehensive medical report.

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Please note that Dr King is on leave until 23 October and will only be able to process your request after his return.

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