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What is a Cardiovascular Assessment?

Generally this refers to both evaluating the amount of ‘fat plaques’ present in your arteries, but also includes the prevention of this typically Western problem we call cardiovascular disease. The underlying pathological process is called atherosclerosis, and the plaques are therefore called atherosclerotic plaque.

Cardiovascular Disease Causes

Although blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are extremely important factors which increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, I look for other risk factors. Also, it is important to note that the degree of oxidation of LDL-cholesterol is a much more important factor than just total cholesterol alone.

The degree of atherosclerotic plaque present (in other words the severity of any cardiovascular disease present) is determined using both predictive calcultations and, if indicated, imaging of the coronary arteries.

Cardiovascular disease and cancer are the two most common killers of men.

A cardiovascular assessment is included in my health check.

Who should have a Cardiovascular Assessment?

All men. The sooner men have their first assessment, the better. I encourage men in their 20s to have their first cardiovascular assessment, to maximise the preventive potential of the process.

Even if you have already developed significant cardiovascular disease, it is never too late to start looking after your arteries. This will prevent worsening of your current problem (for example if you have already had some coronary artery stents inserted) and prevent other arteries from becoming damaged.

Many men wrongly assume that because they are feeling well, they don’t have cardiovascular disease. 50% of people who die of a heart attack had no previous cardiovascular disease symptoms (typically chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness on exertion or light-headedness).

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